3-Arm Cabinet Turnstile (MTL-2)

The 3-Arm Cabinet Turnstile was designed to be a permanent, yet compact access control unit.

This versitile turnstile can be configured to accept tokens or coins, or it can be connected to electronic access control systems and activated by badge readers, fingerprint scanners, etc...

The turnstile may also be set up to freewheel one way and restrict access the other.

A variety of finishes are available - Stainless Steel shown.

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3-Arm Portable Turnstile (MTL-3)

The 3-Arm Portable Turnstile is designed for use where only temporary crowd control is required. Ideally suited for use in amusement parks, sports faciliities, or special events.

The unit is mechanically controlled for one way operation. This turnstile can be equipped to count incoming patrons and is easilly removed from entrances for rapid exit.

A variety of finishes are available - Metallic Blue shown.

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Highgate Turnstile (MHG-1, 2 & 3)

Mote has engineered a low maintenance Highgate Turnstile which provides a strong security image and can eliminate the added cost of security personnel.

The Highgate will operate with electronic access control systems activated by badge readers, fingerprint scanners, etc...

The unit facilitates the entrance and/or exit of authorized personnel quickly and smoothly.

The Highgate is available with a variety of features and options. The exterior appearance can be modified to blend in with your interior or exterior decor.

MHG-1 Electronically controlled One-Way.
MHG-2 Electronically controlled Two-Way.
MHG-3 Mechanically controlled One-Way.

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Turnstile Options
Cabinet type turnstile:

Left Hand / Right Hand Rotation

Highgate type turnstile:

Left Hand / Right Hand Rotation

Rotation - Left Hand / Right Hand:

A left-hand rotation allows a person to pass through a turnstile or highgate with the rotating mechanism on their left. With a right-hand rotation, the mechanism is on their right.

Direction Control Functions:

One-Way Operation: Permits traffic to pass through a turnstile one way, only (left or right rotation). The opposite way is barred.

On models MTL-2, MTL-3, and MHG-1, a cam action is designed to lock the arms in the 120° position. The basic 3-arm cabinet models MTL-3 can be provided with free access or controlled access as described under "Access Controls". The MTL-2 and highgate MHG-1 are always a controlled access.

Two-Way Operation: Permits access through the turnstile either way, with the opposite way barred. This is always a controlled access. Available as standard on highgate model MHG-2 and as an option on the 3-arm cabinet models MTL­2 and MTL-3.

Access Controls:

Full Stride Access - On models MTL-1 and MHG-1 - one way operation is a free rotational movement with a mechanical clutch to prevent counter rotation.

Controlled Access - The access through a turnstile whether for one-way or two-way operation can be controlled by any of the following functions:

  • Mechanical Unlock - model MTL-3 - This provides a mechanical linkage which is activated by the control operator to permit access. The arms will automatically lock at the 120° position until re-activated.
  • Coin or Token Operation - On models MTL-3, MHG-1 & MHG-2. Access is provided automatically after depositing the correct coin or token. A lockable compartment is provided as a receptacle for coins or tokens. Arms will automatically lock in the 120° position until re-activated.
  • Electrical Control - On models MTL-3, MHG-1 & MHG-2. This can be installed either on the unit or in a remote location and is activated by the control operator once identification is made.
  • Security Card - On models MTL-2 & MHG-1. Operates identically as a coin or token, but with a plastic access card issued to authorized personnel.
  • Electronic Control - With the sophistication of the electronics industry, various means of access control functions are available, including handprint access sensors, verification of personnel entrance sensors, etc., to provide a high degree of security where required.
  • Timed Relay - On models MHG-1 and MHG-2. After activating unlock mechanism by token, card, etc., the mechanism is locked automatically after access. If no one passes through, the timed relay with adjustable time delay will re-lock to prevent passage.
  • Fail Safe - On models MHG-1 and MHG-2. In the event of a power failure, the mechanism will allow free access (fail safe)
Additional Options

Counters - To provide an accurate read-out of the number of people passing through a turnstile or highgate. Preferred with our equipment is an electrical counter with digital read-out. When electrics are used for controlled access, the counter is connected to the 24 V-DC supply. When no electrical control is present, a battery-operated counter with a ten year life is fitted.
Mechanical counters are available as an option and are activated by a mechanical linkage.

  • All counters supplied have reset capabilities.
  • All counters supplied have a lockable cover permitting only the keyholder access to the readings.
  • Additional counters for remote installation are available.

Out-Of-Service Lock - This is a keyed function which locks the complete mechanism allowing no access either way.


  • Stainless Steel - Type 304 - #4 Finish.
  • Galvanized - Hot-dip applied.
  • Epoxy - Electrostatically applied powder, oven cured at 400° F.
  • Other materials and finishes are available upon request.